Plague Inc MOD APK v1.16.3 (All Unlocked) Download For Android

Plague Inc MOD APK: Most of the applications are prone to heroic work. The repetition of work might bother you. If you want to try to be a villain and spread a threat to human civilization then this game is for you. The launch of Plague Inc MOD APK. has shaken the gaming community because of its unique playability. Unlike other applications where you play as a villain.

Your main mission in Plague Inc MOD APK. is to spread the disease and viruses in the whole world. This truly demonstrates how the diseases spread in the world in reality. You are the real enemy of the people who are fighting with the disease. When the virus spreads in the whole world and you remain alone you won. But for this, you have to move with a clear and strategic mind and have access to different levels and cheats which are blocked in the conventional applications.

Here comes the Plague Inc MOD APK with unlimited access to blocked levels, viruses, and strategies. It is a unique mix of strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. First of all infect patient zero. When you make the strategy to destroy the human the game is brilliantly executed. With innovative gameplay, only the strongest can survive.

Plague Inc MOD APK

MOD Information:

App NamePlague Inc
App Versionv1.16.3
App Size58.04
MOD Features All Unlocked
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Plague Inc MOD APK

   Plague Inc MOD APK Download

Features Of Plague Inc MOD APK:


The game has three main levels the easy, medium, and hard mode. In the easy-medium, the cure is very easy and the rate of spread is not that fast. In the moderate mod, the spread is a bit faster than the normal one and that cure is slightly difficult. But in harder it’s quite hard to find the solution and cure of the diseases.


You will get high points if you succeed to spread the pandemic in the whole world. The higher the level of difficulty of a virus to cure there are high chances that people may come with a vaccine. To get the highest level you have to make a proper strategy so that the enemy cannot save himself. There many strategies and cheats available and blocked in this version to help you.

Evolve the virus:

You can evolve the virus with the passage of time. You can modify them to create a huge threat to humanity. You must have to use a strategic mind to create a strong pathogen to destroy humanity.

Create a new virus:

You can select any Plague type you can select bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, Nano virus, or bioweapon as well. More Complex a pathogen is the harder it is to cure.


Graphics used in this application are very realistic and user-friendly. Smooth and beautiful images provide a user-friendly interface. Audio also describes activities that are taking place around the world.

Plague Inc MOD APK Info:

  • All the blocked features are unlocked.
  • All cheats are unlimited.
  • Unlimited Genes are available.
  • Your access to countries is unlimited.

Plague Inc MOD APK

   Download Plague Inc

General Features:

  • It has high-resolution graphics.
  • Hyper-realistic word.
  • The tutorial system is available to guide the gamer.
  • 50 + countries to infect.
  • Many viruses, bacteria’s, Fungus are available.

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How To Download Plague Inc MOD APK:

  1. Go to the Browser.
  2. Search for the Plague Inc MOD APK.
  3. Open trusted website.
  4. Approach the download icon.
  5. Click the download icon.
  6. The download will be started in no time.

How To Install Plague Inc MOD APK:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Open the privacy.
  3. Enable unknown sources.
  4. Go to the file manager.
  5. Search for the Plague Inc MOD APK.
  6. Open the application.
  7. Find the install button.
  8. Click install.
  9. The installation will be done in no time.


Plague Inc MOD APK is best for those people who are tired of being Hero. By using the strategic mind you can become a villain. Who can destroy the whole of humanity? Here you can modify your own virus and spread it in the whole world. With the best graphics and features, you can achieve higher points.

The Plague Inc MOD APK unlocks all the cheats which are usually locked in conventional Plague Inc MOD APK. Access to all the genes is unlimited. You can use many viruses as per your own desire. This application appeals to a large number of people due to its nature and interface.

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